EP 15: Anthony Pompliano and Polina Marinova on Building Audiences and Profiling the World's Most Famous People

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In this episode, hosts Aarthi and Sriram interviewed THE internet celebrity couple, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and Polina Marinova. We covered everything from their life stories, how they met, their current work and building an online audience, thoughts on Andrew Tate, The Rock and others, and their lessons on parenting, building content together and finding happiness.

On Pomp and Polina

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0:00 – Trailer

0:43 – Bang Bang! Welcome Pomp and Polina

2:13 – How did Pomp and Polina meet?

4:00 – Pomp’s life – joining the military, Iraq, joining FB

7:45 – Working at Facebook with Sriram

9:25 – Polina’s life – Bulgaria, joining Fortune, starting a newsletter

13:22 – Taking a risk and going independent

22:00 – Working with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg. How did Pomp build an online brand?

28:20 – Who is a good guest? Terrible guest?

31:32 – Having authentic conversations, behind the scenes on Pomp and Polina’s interviews

40:30 – Working together as content creators, dealing with haters

48:30 – Interviewing Andrew Tate

56:30 – Polina’s experience profiling The Rock/Dwayne Johnson

1:02:40 – Parenting in the age of social media

1:08:30 – Writing letters to your kids

1:10:40 – Looking forward, being happy

1:14:20 – Polina’s question to us – biggest lesson about marriage and parenting