EP 16: Career conversations – how to onboard a new employee, how to manage, how to handle promotions

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In our first ever ‘solo’ episode (as Sriram says – ‘we don’t have a guest, but we have…each other’), Aarthi and Sriram talk about how to successfully onboard a new employee – both from the employer’s perspective and for the new employee. And also, how to handle that first 1:1 with your manager, and the different tactics for onboarding for small startups vs bigger companies. And finally, how to think about promotions at work.


00:00 – Trailer

00:58 – Solo episode

3:00 – Sriram’s experience – first day in the new job

5:38 – Aarthi’s experience – first job after college

8:00 – New job, first day – what should you do?

13:27 – How to get the best out of the first 1:1 meeting

17:00 – First week – what to do

25:00 – Startups – do the onboarding tactics vary from big companies?

34:25 – Manager advice – how to successfully onboard a new employee

41:00 – Sending weekly updates

43:00 – Handling promotions

50:00 – One final tip for new employees

52:40 – Tell us your experience!