EP 43: Building a podcast empire with the Bossticks: audience focus, sex jokes and chicken wings, cancel culture and more…

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Lauryn and Michael Bosstick are two people we have admired for a long time. Very few people we’ve met understand their audience as well as they do. They host the popular The Skinny Confidential Him and Her podcast. Lauryn has built a vibrant community for women for nearly her decade with the Skinny Confidential and they’ve now built a popular podcast network for women with Dear Media.

This episode was a blast. Not just because Lauryn and Michael are so fun to talk to (which they are!). From their deep focus on their audience (listen to Lauryn describing how she responds to every DM) and putting their audience first to cancel culture to getting guests to open up in a safe space, this was one of our most fun conversations with a fellow podcast creator.


”Every single product that I’ve built with the Skinny Confidential product line is from listening and hearing what people want and what they think could be done better and what they like and what they don’t like.”

”Just because you love tech and you’re into tech, doesn’t mean that you also can’t tell a sex joke and have a really humorous funny side and get drunk and eat chicken wings”

”a good guest is warm, self-deprecating, doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but then also can transition into be vulnerable and raw and maybe even sometimes cry or be sad and show emotion”

”Stop trying to sell things online and just tell your story”


01:08 Creating as a couple
04:50 Lauryn and Michael’s origin story
07:58 The Skinny Confidential and focusing on the audience
11:25 Dealing with criticism and cancel culture
22:00 Advice for new creators
25:34 Dear Media, explained
32:41 What makes a good podcast guest?
36:08 Cultivating the right energy, human connection
49:07 Elon Musk
50:47 Creating for different platforms
52:38 Growing: Dear Media and Skinny Confidential
56:06 The reward of podcasting
57:07 The future of Dear Media

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