EP 45: Ginni Rometty on her path to being IBM CEO, hard work, AI and more.

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Ginni Rometty is a legend. There’s no better word to describe someone who has 40 year career at IBM culminated in a 8 year stint as CEO and executive chairman. It was a real honor for us to have her on our show and talk about her historic career at IBM, her lessons on overcoming adversity, hard work and more. She surprised us on more than one occasion – including asking us questions!

Her new book “Good Power: Leading Positive Change in Our Lives, Work and World” is a delight and we highly recommend it. We had a real blast doing this episode. Enjoy!

01:17 Ginni’s book – Good Power
03:39 Ginni on becoming IBM’s CEO
07:00 The Infinite Game
10:00 Ginni’s childhood adversity
14:23 Is hard work controversial?
18:34 Obstacles, risk-taking, victimhood
24:30 Should you fit in or should you stand out?
33:54 What should change and what should endure
42:53 Chat GPT, the state of AI
46:44 Lessons from Ginni’s book

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