EP 57 – Zarna Garg: The Unstoppable Rise of the Funny Indian Mom in Comedy

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This might be the most fun we have had do an episode.

About a year ago, we saw Zarna Garg blow up on all of our social media. She cut a very familiar site – the “Indian mom” we had all grown up with in India. But her comedic presence and understanding of Indian (and American!) culture were unlike anything we had seen before, even from all the Indian comedians. She has now gone truly mainstream with a hit Amazon special, a sold out tour and multiple projects in the works.

In this episode – when not cracking up laughing – we discuss her story, her unique family, Indian culture, dating, sex, the immigrant mindset and much more. Enjoy!

In this episode, we cover:

0:00 Trailer
0:31 Intro
3:08 Zarna’s comedy origin
8:21 Zarna had a love marriage?
12:50 Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage
15:27 From stay-at-home mom to stand-up comedy
20:44 First day at an open mic
23:24 Zarna finds her audience
25:26 Lessons from Indian Culture
29:27 Opening for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
33:31 Zarna’s new podcast
37:51 Standford’s influence on Zarna’s daughter
41:17 Indian kids should avoid humanities?
42:48 Dating advice from Zarna
44:46 Putting yourself out on social media
47:55 What’s ahead for Zana Garg
50:26 Marketing, ticket sales, relationship building
53:00 Thank you Zarna!

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