EP 64 Vinod Khosla on AI, optimism, his information diet and more.

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There are few people in SV with a more storied and iconic career than Vinod Khosla. From his founding and investing in some of the most iconic companies in tech history to his relentless optimism, Vinod is one of a kind.

In this wide ranging conversation, we cover his information diet and work habits, his predictions for the future, AI and why we disagree on open source and AI and much more. This was a blast!

3:13 Vinod’s information diet
5:08 How Vinod spots rising trends
10:28 Tips for 25-30 year olds
13:07 Vinod’s tech predictions
17:25 Changing public opinion of nuclear energy
22:32 Optimism and skepticism scenarios for AI
26:10 Empathy will change AI narrative
30:11 Vinod used AI to write a rap for his daughter’s wedding
33:00 Similarities between AI and Manhattan Project
38:01 Arguments against open-sourcing AI
41:57 Creating trust in systems
43:38 Sentient AI taking over the world is nonsense
48:39 What does Vinod looks for in a founder?