EP 65: How to pitch your startup

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This is an episode we have wanted to do for a while and on top of the most requested for topics: how to pitch to an investor. We found out we had so much to say that we split this into two parts. The first part one is below and goes into what an investor (Sriram in this case) experiences in a pitch and seeing things from an investor perspective.

In part two coming next week, we will flip the tables and go into how a founder (Aarthi in this case) sees as essential to pitching. Enjoy!

4:19 What is a good pitch?
5:04 People who don’t need to pitch
7:47 Big takeaway about pitching
9:17 Aarthi’s experience working with Netflix’s Reed Hastings
11:22 VC perspective on pitching
15:17 Founder perspective on pitching
18:24 Dangers of bringing too many people to a fundraising meeting
21:39 Aarthi and Sriram disagree on pitching
26:25 Right and wrong way to show power as a founder
30:04 Important things to get across in a pitch
35:01 Bringing up competition when pitching
37:17 Aarthi’s mistake while fundraising
39:48 Talking about your startup team
42:07 How VC’s test founders during a pitch
43:30 Knowing who you’re pitching ahead of time
47:50 Pitching process broken down
55:10 Dealing with rejection
:03:47 Difficulties of being a founder