EP 67: First 30 days as a manager/exec

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Among all the blog posts we have written, the ones we get asked the most is the one on how to handle being a a new manager. As people inevitably progress in their careers, they become managers, managers-of-managers and then executives. It can however be unclear *how* to get started: everyone treats you differently, you are expected to do more and time seems to be running out.

In this episode, we try and break down what you should do as a new manager or an executive. From gathering information on a listening tour to building a map of an organization to finding your first win/crisis, we talk about what has worked for us in our careers. Enjoy!

4:40 How to be a new leader
9:50 First course of action
17:24 Document everything
18:33 Pitfalls to avoid
21:21 Make obvious changes quickly
26:57 Setting the tone and culture
2:59 Don’t forget to use the product
35:21 Talk to customers early on
38:31 Presenting your plan
39:54 Find your first win