EP 72: Don't die and be epic – Bryan Johnson

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“Be an epic human being”

You have seen him all over the internet now with – the “tech billionaire who wants to live forever”. “the most measured man in history”. You’ve seen his photos and videos perhaps you’ve seen him go viral for everything from his Twitter replies. You’ve definitely heard of his daily diet and workout routine.

What I’ve come to appreciate Bryan is not that but his clarity of thinking, his ambition, his discipline and also his courage – this is someone who wants to help a lot of people and is willing to put himself out there.

We get into a lot of fun topics including: when he decided to embark on this journey and reject shame, the relevance of the discovery of zero, his advice outside of diet and exercise, how he thinks of social media and much more.

6:20 Bryan’s origin story
14:43 The idea that changed Bryan’s life
20:34 Bryan’s power laws to living longer
31:07 Improving willpower naturally
33:59 Responding to online criticism
37:31 Creating the Don’t Die movement
46:50 Bryan’s blueprint explained
50:20 The future of gene therapy
53:28 Bryan’s physical appearance
56:00 Call to action to the human race