EP 81 How to close a deal

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We often get asked about what we have learned in our careers that we wish we knew earlier. One skill I wish I knew earlier but *didn’t know I lacked* was the art of making a deal happen. From closing a job offer to negotiating a house, I see some mechanics come up in everything we do.

In this episode we talk about deals we have worked on and what we have learned across them.

PSA: we botched the audio on this epsiode and tried to do the best we can with the audio we recovered. Apologies in advance!

0:51 Introduction
3:40 Deals are long-term relationships
6:02 Facebook-WhatsApp acquisition story
12:04 The most important part of deal-making
16:44 Don’t come off as desperate
19:35 Maintaining momentum during a deal
25:53 Know everything about the person you’re dealing with
33:37 How we closed our London home
37:54 Mistakes we often see
44:40 Managing emotions while deal-making
50:19 What to do if the deal falls through