EP 46 – How Strauss Zelnick -the CEO behind NBA 2K, GTA and more – stays fit and lives life differently

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It’s rare to have a successful business leader on our show and spend all of it *not* talking about what they work on. Strauss Zelnick’s work is filled with household names – he is the CEO behind some of the leading games franchises including NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead and more.

However, what makes Strauss truly one of a kind is his approach to fitness and life itself. From his insane daily workout routines to how he structures his career and passions, Strauss is someone we can all learn from.

This was one inspiring conversation. Enjoy!

1:23 Strauss’ passion for fitness
14:50 Career Trajectory
25:15 Balancing the creative and the business
32:32 The culture of WWE
36:52 Strauss’ career advice