EP 36 – Marc Andreessen and Steven Sinofsky on AI sentience, ethics, love, jobs , ChatGPT vs Sydney and more.

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“Every kid is going to grow up now with a friend that’s a bot.”

The gang is back on this week’s episode of The Aarthi and Sriram Show! We have Marc Andreessen, and Steven Sinofsky back to cover AI! Marc has a message for the AI overlords (after at 3:20 he reveals his true TIME magazine claim to fame), AI love and sentience and murder investigations, the birth of ChatGPT vs Sydney, future of MS Word and productivity, AI friends, jobs and more. We also learn how much Marc loves the show Person of Interest.

In this episode, we cover: birth of ChatGPT vs. Sydney, hacking Bing Chat, AI and hallucination, future of MS Word, potential winner of the AI race: startups vs. Big Tech, AI’s impact on humanity and the job market, sentience, and more!

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Marc’s message to AI overlords

  2. Birth of ChatGPT

  3. Was Bing Chat hacked?

  4. Sydney vs. ChatGPT

  5. Why did ChatGPT and Sydney blow up?

  6. Should AI be allowed to hallucinate?

  7. AI-assisted Microsoft Word

  8. AI race: Startups vs. Big Tech

  9. Will AI take over humanity?

  10. Who will win the AI race?

  11. AI’s impact on the job market

  12. AI and sentience

Notable Quotes: 

  1. “There are only two people in the history of Time Magazine that have been on the cover in their bare feet: myself and Gandhi” – Marc Andreessen (MA)

  2. “ChatGPT is the most exponential thing that we as an industry have seen in the longest time. That immediately breaks the world into two sets of people: those that can understand exponential and those that sit around and just deny it.” – Steven Sinofsky (SS)

  3. “Every startup is going to integrate ChatGPT OpenAI.” – SS

  4. “Books of the future are not going to be a static single written thing, it’s going to be a book that writes itself as you read it.” – MA

  5. “Think about the internet. One of the things that people said about the internet and streaming was that you would be able to enjoy this personalized content that really is based on your inputs and they were like, “No, that’s not right. There should only be one ending to a movie” and that whole debate, and now we’re all of a sudden presented with it.” – SS

  6. “AI will be great, but it’s still boring; it’s just a grammar checker with a better template.” – SS

  7. “You’re going to have a sales AI, and the sales AI is going to get trained on all customer communication. It’s going to get trained on all email, all text messages, all phone calls, all meetings” – MA

  8. “A breakthrough video game for sure within five years, is going to be something that nobody ever designed, it’s going to be something that’s completely generated on the fly, completely differently than how you make video games today.” – MA

  9. “If you’re a smart person at one of these Big Tech companies, there’s a huge incentive to break out and start your own company.” – MA

  10. “It’s actually a lot of the creative jobs that are most directly hit by AI, then it’s the white-collar jobs that are actually less creative, and it actually turns out a lot of the blue-collar jobs are actually really hard to hit.” – MA

  11. “Number one factor people always underestimate the degree to which new technology actually creates new jobs.” – MA

  12. “Nobody understands how the human brain works.” – MA

  13. “You just have to wrap your head around the idea that the most amazing technological breakthrough of all time is going to just happen magically, accidentally.” – MA

  14. “Every kid is going to grow up now with a friend that’s a bot. That bot is going to be with them their whole lives. It’s going to have a memory, it’s going to know all their private conversations, it’s going to know everything about them.” – MA


  1. Andreessen Horowitz, American VC firm

  2. Mosaic, internet browser

  3. Netscape, web browser and computer services company

  4. Loudcloud, computing, hosting and software service company

  5. Dartmouth AI Summer Conference

  6. Jailbreaking Bing Chatbot, Jensen Harris, CEO of Textio

  7. Microsoft Sydney, Bing chatbot

  8. Strange conversations with Sydney, NY Times

  9. Person of Interest, CBS TV show


  11. Github CoPilot, AI pair programmer

  12. Stable Diffusion

  13. Eliezer Yudkowsky, AI researcher

  14. Business Roundtable, association of American CEOs

  15. Marc Andreessen on Tyler Cowen’s podcast

  16. Google’s LaMDA

  17. Ray Kurzweil, computer scientist

  18. Turing test, Alan Turing

  19. Prometheus and the Frankenstein

  20. Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner