EP 6: Metta World Peace – Kobe, the brawl, cultivating a winning mindset, mental health and technology

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On this episode of The Good Time Show, Aarthi and Sriram interviewed the one and only NBA Champion Metta World Peace (fka Ron Artest). Metta is an amazing human being – warm, genuine, optimistic with a fantastic second career building a technology company and being a founder. We covered some great Kobe stories, lessons on winning the NBA championship, the brawl (IYKYK), cultivating a winning mindset and overcoming obstacles, on mental health and building a tech company.

On Metta World Peace



00:00 – Introducing Metta

5:55 – Drafted to the post-Jordan Bulls

11:30 – Playing defense

13:15 – Has the game gotten softer?

14:52 – On Kawhi 16:24 – Malice In the Palace

22:00 – Dark days of suspension

26:26 – Mental health, Kevin Love and Ben Simmons

35:53 – Kobe

47:57 – That Game 7 three

57:55 – Life post NBA

59:32 – XvsX and post NBA life

1:10:03 – The fear of learning new things

1:15:50 – Game 6 and 7 predictions