EP 4: NFTs, crypto communities and the new Creator Economy

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In this episode of the Good Time Show, Aarthi and Sriram covered what it takes to build an NFT project, how to think about community and culture in web3, aligning incentives between creators and community and how crypto unlocks a new creator economy. Our special guests were Justin Blau, the founder and CEO of Royal, a web3 company revolutionizing the music industry, and Nass and Stephane, crypto builders and founders of Rebels, a new NFT project.

On Justin Blau, Nass and Stephane

Justin Blau




0:00 – We make this show to celebrate builders and creators

1:36 – Meeting the Rebels and 3LAU

4:57 – How did 3LAU get into NFTs?

6:50 – How mainstream celebrities are showing interest in NFTs

9:39 – How Web3 gives control back to the creators

11:13 – Royal believes music investment should be open to the public

13:05 – How NFTs align incentives between fans and artists

15:20 – Nass gives the Rebels NFT backstory

19:35 – How The Good Time Show inspired Nass (and establishing trust in the NFT space)

23:19 – How Rebels went from idea to execution (community + technology + art)

27:43 – What’s the technology that runs Rebels?

30:24 – Why do you publish your smart contracts code?

33:12 – Why open source means faster utility for everyone

36:12 – Tech tips to get started building

39:12 – How do you build a strong, authentic community

47:03 – What got 3LAU interested in Rebels?

51:02 – How did COVID affect development of Rebels?

51:40 – When mint? What’s coming for Rebels NFT?

54:44 – How are you going to scale the project?

57:29 – What’s happening with NFTs in the next few months?

01:01:13 – How do you join the Rebels community?