EP 44: Rob McElhenney on turning Wrexham FC into a success story, Always Sunny, Mythic Quest and more.

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Rob McElhenney will surprise you.

As a creator of two hit TV shows – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (now on season 16!) and Mythic Quest, you would expect his next act to be in the realm of content. But over the last few years, he and his partner Ryan Reynolds have pulled off quite a miraculous transformation of a little known Welsh football club Wrexham FC.

In this conversation (the second time Rob has been on the show!), we dig deep into the Wrexham story, what makes Mythic Quest work, a pitch to Gareth Bale, our love for WWE and more. Rob is also kind enough to share some stories about Sriram at the very end too. You’ll also see why Rob is one of our favorite people with his humor, warmth and curiosity.


:00 Intro
0:47 Why we both love WWE
4:02 Rob reacting to the viral Wrexham promotion video
6:55 Why did Rob take on the Wrexham FC challenge
13:53 Rob and Ryan’s partnership
17:48 The emotional weight of running a football club
22:49 Mythic Quest and the gaming community
28:25 Gareth Bale to Wrexham FC?
29:05 Rob’s Sriram story

Aarthi and Sriram