EP 48 – Silicon Valley congressman Ro Khanna on tech regulation, AI, how people in tech should engage with DC, India and more

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We are honored to be joined by Congressman Ro Khanna, Democrat of California and the representative for many living in Silicon Valley.

At a time when the intersection of regulation and tech is the topic of discussion on many fronts, we got to have a wide ranging discussion with the Congressman on how he thinks of tech regulation, his thoughts on AI, how tech’s relationship with DC changed over the years. We also got to talk about his upbringing and his ties to India including his family’s participation in India’s freedom struggle in the 1940s.

This was a true delight and perhaps one of the best interviews we have done on this show.


1:04 Ro Khanna’s early life
3:28 Indian struggle for independence
5:11 The immigrant experience
9:43 It’s hard to bring change
11:16 The first time in Congress
14:40 Silicon Valley vs Washington DC
22:06 Ro’s message for Silicon Valley
26:47 The Future of AI: good and bad
32:57 Decentralyzing tech
35:01 US-India tech landscape
38:56 What does being patriotic mean?
41:41 Ro Khanna’s legacy