EP 9: What it takes to be a top 1% creator – Cleo Abram

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In this episode of the Good Time Show, Aarthi and Sriram talked to Cleo Abram, a top creator on YouTube and TikTok, on her journey from Vox to being a full-time creator, how to be good on camera, how she made the now iconic videos on F1, artificial wombs etc. and why she’s optimistic about the future!

On Cleo





00:00 – Introduction

00:45 – Who is Cleo?

01:30 – Black mirror but the opposite

03:50 – How to make a Cleo-style video

07:20 – Cleo’s story – from politics to content

11:18 – Why did Vox’s explainer format work so well?

13:00 – Pessimistic portrayal of tech and the journalism vibe shift

18:00 – Has humanity peaked? Why the nihilism?

20:40 – Story of leaving Vox and betting on yourself

24:00 – Having a parasocial relationship with the audience

27:10 – Story behind the Artificial Womb video

32:00 – How to build trust with the audience

36:16 – Making of the F1 video

44:45 – Nerds of the world unite (why F1 is a sport for the nerds)

47:10 – How does Cleo come up with explainer ideas

52:20 – How to be good on camera

57:10 – Creating for TikTok vs YouTube

1:01:45 – Future as an independent creator

1:03:10 – Conclusion