🎅 Ep 27: Best of 2022 – our favorite episodes, books, movies and moments (w/ transcript)

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We wanted to wrap the year with a special episode: a look back on the first year of this show/podcast in video. We went down memory lane with a look at some of our favorite guests, moments…but then also some of our favorite movies, books and just fun things from the year. We are also trying out something new – transcripts! See the bottom of this post for a PDF of the episode.


01:05 – Thank you for two great years!
04:30 – Our favorite guests of the year
18:00 – Personal highlights
20:10 – Favorite movies of the year
25:30 – Favorite books of the year
31:30 – In-person meetup
33:45 – Defining moments in tech this year
39:00 – One thing in the world of tech that we’re looking forward to for next year. 45:20 – Looking forward to next year

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