EP 38: Alex Bouaziz, CEO of Deel on SVB, remote work and more.

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On this week’s episode of The Aarthi and Sriram Show, we have Alex Bouaziz, CEO of Deel. Deel is a human resources platform with a focus on a global/remote workforce and at the heart of many of the trends in remote work in recent times.

We recorded this episode in the days following the events at Silicon Valley Bank so got to talk about how Alex saw events play out from his perspective right at the beginning.

In this episode, we cover: SVB crisis and its effects on startups / payroll, origin story of Deel, how pandemic affected global work culture, hiring in SF vs. globally, remote work, being a savage founder, mass lay-offs, regulations, growing Deel 0-1, and more!

In this episode, we cover:

  1. Effect of SVB crisis on Deel, payroll, & startups

  2. How Deel dealt with the SVB crisis

  3. Origin of Deel

  4. Pandemic’s effect on global work culture & companies

  5. Hiring in SF vs. globally: compensation and benefits

  6. Why Alex never works from an office

  7. Can you build company culture with remote work?

  8. Tips for establishing remote work culture

  9. Savage Founder

  10. Feedback loop in remote work

  11. Influence of video games on Alex

  12. Absurd legal issues founders have to deal with

  13. Mass lay-offs and regulations 

  14. Building a startup Zero to One

  15. Advice for founders

Where to find Alex Bouaziz:

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bouazizalex 

• Deel:


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