EP 52 – Robin Arzon – from corporate lawyer to Peloton celebrity

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Robin Arzon is a voice familiar in my house and millions of others asking me or Aarthi to find that last bit of energy and belief in ourselves. There’s little question that Robin is one of the most energetic people we have had on the podcast. Her story is incredible: from corporate lawyer to Peloton superstar to best selling author to now launching a web3 community to…well lots more.

We got to have a raw and open conversation with Robin – from how she has helped us through a screen to her superhero toolkit to just how she manages her routine and tips for us to get into shape. This was a blast!

Section Titles

  • How Aarthi Discovered Robin following the birth of Indra – 0:23

  • On Robin’s Transformation from Lawyer to Fitness Instructor – 2:14

  • On her Superhero Toolkit – 3:41

  • A Week in Robin’s Life – 8:13

  • What makes a good Peloton Instructor/Class? – 11:47

  • On the Feedback Loop in “Remote Fitness” – 14:43

  • On Pregnancy and Postpartum – 18:59

  • On the Fear and Excitement of Being a Founder – 21:07

  • On Swagger Society and Web3 – 21:33

  • Robin’s Advice for Creators – 28:02

  • Robin’s Definition of Hustle – 31:48

  • On the Pressure to Meet or Exceed Expectations – 34:55

  • Where Robin sees herself Five Years into the Future – 38:33

  • Robin’s Simple Steps for People to Get Back into Shape – 40:42

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Notable Quotes

  • “I think we’re constantly living reinvention stories…[I recently wrote] in my journal ‘I’m not done yet.’ I find it much more interesting and exciting to look inward and say, like, what the hell story are you writing and then write the story.”

  • “I don’t think folks take enough time to unpack what yeses look like in their lives. We’re on autopilot so much of the time.”

  • “I really say that my life changed after I stopped accepting free running shoes as payment for “pick your brain” coffee shop talks…I took my billable hours model from law and I just applied it to this new passion and I said, ‘If you want my ideas you’re gonna have to pay for them.’” 

  • “I want to continue to create conversations. So sometimes it’s more entertaining. Sometimes it’s more educational and informative, but it’s always in line with where my head’s at and what the emotional heartbeat of my North Star is feeling.”

  • “[In a successful class], there’s a warmth and an intimacy that scales, which is a very interesting dynamic that we’ve unpacked over the years.”

  • “It’s not a cast of actors and actresses. It’s folks who really want to live it. So instead of practicing what we preach, we preach what we already practice.”

  • “The feedback loop comes from knowing viscerally what it feels like to do the workout on the other side, and then physically doing it in the moment…[after all]  if somebody is the owner of a restaurant, they had better be eating the food.”

  • “That’s the beauty of social media and being my brand and living my brand: my life events are just another way to engage the audience.”

  • “It’s so exciting for me to actually articulate and clarify a framework for some of this stuff that just lives in between my ears.”

  • “The ideal member for swagger society is somebody who is curious about their next level, wants to engage in community, is perhaps fiercely independent in their day to day life, but doesn’t necessarily want to be all the time…What we’re creating is a golden Rolodex of hustlers.”

  • “Pay attention to the unexpected moments of flow…I truly am allergic to this idea that we will be boxed in by other people’s expectations.”

  • “Hustle is being willing to define your own literal or figurative finish line and then having the work ethic, tenacity, and grit to get there undeterred. We bend so we don’t break.”

  • “Movement is actually fertilizer for the brain, it makes you a better partner, makes you a better business person, makes you a better teammate, and makes you a better parent.”

  • “Enough saying yes to shit you hate.”