EP 55: Advice on when (and how) to quit your job.

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This is a different kind of episode. We have been getting a lot of questions from listeners and we felt we should do more episodes breaking down our thoughts on those.

A *very* common question – especially around this time of year – is people thinking about how to change roles or maybe contemplating an offer. We wanted to break down all of our thinking – from when and how you should think about leaving a role, how to evaluate new roles to touching on how to move on.

Do send us other topics you want to see covered!

00:50 – What is this episode about?
1:45 – Should you quit your job?
3:30 – How to think about your current role
5:50 – How to build a 5 year plan
8:00 – When to stick around vs when to move on?
10:00 – What is career velocity?
14:24 – How to take the next big step?
20:15 – How to network and build connections?
23:18 – How to find a new job?
25:50 – Understand the company and the role
32:30 – Should you negotiate your salary?
37:54 – Be enthusiastic!

Notable Quotes

  • “People don’t leave teams or companies, people leave managers.”

  • “You don’t want to run away from something, you want to run towards something.”

  • “Always be thinking about “what is the right place for me?” and never stop looking.”

  • “You always want to have a very active network because the right way to look for a role is to pick a few people in your industry who have worked with you or know you and say “Hey, I’m thinking about something else.””

  • “The worst time to look for a new role is when you desperately need to find a job.”

  • “There is real value in just building your network.”

  • “Throughout my career, I’ve been very afraid to do this,  but every single time I have put myself out there, good things have happened. You will not believe the number of people who will reach back out to you and genuinely want to help you. This is one of the big reasons why we love Silicon Valley.”

  • “If you’re not going to worry about your own career path, who else is going to do it for you? It’s okay to think about things like title and role.”

  • “My general bias is to look at things which are on the upswing.”

  • “Understanding the playing field is very, very key regarding the company you are joining.”

  • “Finding a job that you feel is a good place for you is a pretty big step. Take the time, and don’t cave to pressure.”

  • “Look for a place where you can truly learn.”

  • “I always negotiate. I think it’s healthy to negotiate.”

  • “Try and push things to move quickly. Both deals and offers hinge on energy.”