EP 60: How David Goyer created the Foundation series, the Dark Knight trilogy and more.

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For our 60th episode, we have a very special guest. Ask anyone about the greatest movies of the last 20 years and the Dark Knight Trilogy will be up there near the top. David Goyer has lived out every nerd’s fantasy and has had a hand in creating some of the most iconic movies and TV shows – the Dark Knight series, Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman among many others. His latest effort is the TV form of what may be the holiest book in sci-fi – Asimov’s Foundation. Aarthi and I love the show and we had a blast talking to David about the new season, working with Nolan and much more.

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1:00 Hi David Goyer!
5:09 How to turn a book into a series
12:33 Experimenting with longevity
14:45 How David measures success
21:53 Reacting to feedback, creative
28:03 Bel Riose and Hober Mallow Drink scene
30:50 Visual Storytelling in Foundation
36:02 Reinventing Batman, superhero movies
41:18 David Goye’s workflow
48:46 The writers’ room
52:17 Advice for budding writers
54:14 Season 3 Foundation sneak peek
55:16 Exploring artificial intelligence