EP 62: Kevin Kelly on optimism, advice for living, AI, traveling and much more

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Kevin Kelly has been a hero of Aarthi and mine for decades. From his role in creating Wired to his “1000 True Fans” post to his work in photography to so much more. If there’s anyone with a real claim to “Most interesting man in the world”, it is him. He might also be the most warm and generous guest we have had on the podcast.

In this delightful episode, Kevin opens up about his new book, why he’s optimistic about AI and tech, how he manages so many projects and much more. This was a blast, enjoy!

4:19 Why Kevin is optimistic about the future
10:15 Did Kevin create the first-ever music video?
13:32 Valuing creativity
17:04 Vanishing Asia
22:52 Exploring unknown countries pre-Internet
28:38 Technology in the developing world
32:48 Doomerism around artificial intelligence
40:45 How Kevin picks projects to work on
46:01 Kevin’s working process
1:26 Excellent Advice For Living
54:11 Tech Kelly is currently playing with
57:10 Advice for new parents