EP 66: A Guide To Angel Investing

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One of the most common questions we get is: how does one get started in angel investing? Where do you find founders? How do you know what’s a good company and what isn’t?

We have both been active angel investors for many years and learned lessons (some painful!) along the way. We thought we would do a comprehensive guide to what we have learned about being an angel investor, especially if you are just getting started. Enjoy!

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3:39 Why should you get into angel investing
14:38 How do you get started in angel investing
21:09 Sriram’s pro-tip!
22:10 Pitching yourself to the founder
26:10 Building reputation as an angel
29:50 Signs of a good angel investor
34:52 Signs of a bad angel investor
39:09 What is a good angel investment?
50:15 How to know if it’s working for you?
54:40 How Sriram goes the extra yard
56:22 Aarthi’s edge as a founder-investor
58:52 Thanks for listening!