EP 68: Recapping a crazy 2023 – moving to London, podcasting and more!

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How do you recap a year?

Do you list all of your favorite episodes of the year? Do you go down memory lane and remember amazing moments with everyone from Andy Weir to Anders Hejlsberg and more? Do you talk about your personal move to London and how much life has changed? Do you have random, long digressions into the nature of podcasting and easy and difficult guests? Do you talk about your favorite movies of the year and rant about the decline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you weave in lessons you’ve learned over the year?

Well…we did all of this – and more (we blame this being recorded late at night with both of us having way too much free time). As a bonus, several easter eggs to our longtime listeners.

We do know one thing we want to absolutely get across – this show is only possible due to all of you who keep listening every week, sending us notes and comments. Thank *you* so much. You know who you are.

See you in 2024.