EP 80 How to hire great people

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Over our careers we have been lucky to have been able to hire a lot of great people – from engineers to executives. Over that time, we have also seen the right and wrong ways to approach hiring (and made many mistakes ourselves).

In this episode we try and break down what we have learned over the years and what you can do if you want to find, interview and close that amazing hire.

0:00 Intro
0:56 Prioritize hiring yourself
5:37 Always keep looking for talent 
8:10 Align incentives with your hire 
15:05 How to find the best hires
19:15 How to run a good loop
24:02 Sriram’s hiring loop horror story 
29:51 Reference checks are underrated
37:25 How to close the hire
39:04 How Twitter closed Sriram
41:43 Aarthi’s Netflix recruitment
45:45 Conclusion