EP 82 Kyla Scanlon and the vibecession

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We have become fans of Kyla Scanlon over the last year for her videos explaining the economy and “what is going on”, especially in a way that connects to young people. She has a new book “In this Economy” that we *highly* recommend. Kyla is a rare personality that can both deeply understand what’s going on with the economy and can then communicate it in a way that really connects. This was a blast.

PSA: We had some internet difficulties so had to switch what we use to record.

2:14 How would Kyla fix the U.S. economy?
4:05 Why home ownership might NOT be the best way to build wealth
10:26 Leadership gap left by Steve Jobs at major tech companies
13:11 Why Kyla wrote a book
17:33 What people get wrong about Gen Z
22:55 The difficulties of measuring the economy
27:55 Living in a post-truth society
30:03 The end of monoculture
34:00 Kyla’s video-creation strategy
35:33 Current state of social media platforms
38:44 Kyla’s bold 2024 prediction