EP 7: From dropout to Apple engineer, overcoming addiction and building an OS from scratch – Andreas Kling

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In this episode of the Good Time Show, Aarthi and Sriram talk to Andreas Kling who has a remarkable story from discovering his love for building things at a young age, his career at Apple, struggles with addiction, and the creation of Serenity OS — which he is building from scratch, in public.

On Andreas Kling

Serenity OS



00:00 – Deciding to go public

01:03 – The Good Time Show Introduces: Andreas Kling

02:57 – What is Serenity OS?

04:15 – Early memories of writing code

09:28 – From self-taught coder to Silicon Valley

17:57 – Working at Apple without a university degree and imposter syndrome

21:55 – Addiction and recovery

39:40 – Life after rehab

43:23 – Why build an OS from scratch?

52:16 – How thinking differently works in practice (if you’re building an OS)

55:59 – Serenity OS Walkthrough

1:15:40 – Why build in public?

1:18:49 – Serenity OS – Community

1:20:49 – Serenity OS – Future

1:22:44 – How YOU can support serenity OS