EP 3: Insights From Coinbase On The Future Of Crypto – Brian Armstrong

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On this episode of The Good Time Show, we interviewed Brian Armstrong, the founder and CEO of Coinbase, along with our usual guests, Marc Andreessen and Steven Sinofsky. We covered the current crypto market, the economic downturn and what it means for web3, on building a mission driven organization and whether it was ok to bring politics to the workplace, and advice for founders building companies and fundraising in this current economic climate.

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00:00 Introductions

3:20 Show Overview: Web3, Crypto Twitter, Coinbase Products , The State of the Crypto

4:03 Crypto crash in perspective, Brian’s view after four market cycles

6:38 What the Coinbase CEO wants to say to early-stage crypto founders

7:48 How to manage your emotions in a down market

10:55 Surprisingly, not everyone wants you to succeed

12:06 How did the 2016-17 winter change Coinbase

15:28 Marc’s secret to startup success: “don’t die”

19:40 Why AI is an “overnight success” that was decades in the making

20:58 What General Magic shows us about shift from Web2 to Web3

24:31 Why does web3 make so people angry on Twitter?

27:54 The risks of not staying open-minded in tech.

32:43 Why Brian made the (in)famous “Mission-driven company” post

42:47 Why professional CEOs are apprehensive to challenge social activism in their companies

46:57 Why “bring your whole self to work” went wrong

53:25 Coinbase’s new product launches: how and why?

56:48 What is the vision for Coinbase’s role in crypto?

59:23 Moxie Marlinspike’s crypto article and Web2.5 vs Web3

1:02:42 What true web3 decentralization means

1:03:25 Why did Brian take Coinbase public? Would he do it again?

1:07:01 The boilerplate risk disclosure that temporarily cost 23% of market capitalization

1:12:33 Is the war in Ukraine a turning point for mainstream crypto adoption?

1:15:11 Marc on why crypto is the “other half of the internet”

1:17:14 What should a young person do to get started in crypto?

1:18:57 Closing