EP 1: Marc Andreessen on the economy, crypto, memes and more

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On this episode of the Good Time Show, we have our special guests – Marc Andreessen and Steven Sinofsky – joining us. We covered memes and meme culture, Marc’s latest set of tweets on The Current Thing, on not eating bugs/living in pods, and on the current economy and what it means for all of us.


0:00 The show is back!

3:30 Steven Sinofsky

4:30 Marc Andreessen

7:15 Marc’s reaction to the current market landscape

11:55 Comparison to previous crises

20:55 Steven on retrenchment mode

30:00 Marc on the “current thing”

46:50 Marc on memes & Twitter

51:46 Marc reacts to his tweets (bugs, poop water and popcorn)

1:03:00 Marc on web3

1:14:00 What Marc looks for in founders and the idea maze

1:20:40 Be so good they can’t ignore you

1:27:30 Marc’s advice for young people

1:30:48 Marc’s thoughts on the future