EP 47 Nathan Myhrvold – first Microsoft CTO, chef, archaeologist, physicist, inventor.

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Nathan Myhrvold’s resume reads something like none other: multiple PhDs by the age of 24, Microsoft’s first CTO, has worked with Stephen Hawking, an expert French chef who has published multiple cooking books, works on everything from nuclear reactors to asteroids and more.

When we were young and at Microsoft for our first job, Nathan was the stuff of legend – from his infamous “Roadkill on the Information Superhighway” memo to his work post MSFT. It was a delight to have him on our show to cover a TRULY broad of topics.

PS don’t miss Nathan on the perfect scrambled eggs at 42:40.

5:40 Nathan’s early years
13:33 Meeting Bill Gates
16:44 Understanding your audience
27:54 Microsoft culture
42:40 How to make the perfect scrambled eggs
44:40 Archeology & Nathan’s study of dinosaurs
49:23 Learning across multiple fields
52:30 Nathan’s advice for you

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