EP 5: Politics In The Workplace With Special Guest Marc Andreessen

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In this episode of The Good Time Show, Aarthi and Sriram covered a timely yet tricky topic – politics in the workplace – with special guest, Marc Andreessen. We covered the history of politics at work, with companies like IBM, where we are currently, advice for founders and startups as they think about setting policies on “bringing your whole self to work” and more.

On Marc Andreessen




00:00 – Introduction

04:25 – ‘Mad Men’ workplace

06:30 – ‘Bring your whole self to work’

13:19 – Marc’s first job and layoffs

17:46 – The case against workplace activism

19:35 – Asabiyah (Group cohesion)

21:50 – Road to hell is paved with good intentions

26:40 – GE, GM, IBM era of productivity

29:35 – Qualities of a good workplace

32:10 – Holocracies and Iron Law of Oligarchy

37:35 – Poor leadership

42:25 – Winning vs doing the right thing

46:15 – Why do employees quit?

50:51 – Employee perspective

53:55 – Havel’s essay “Workers of the world unite”

58:30 – Does the egalitarian ethos of open source and web3 scale?

01:03:16 – What is good leadership?